Those websites who is hidden for the normal user or browser is known as DEEP WEB,Those website whose content is not indexed  in the standard search engine.Deep web includes many very common uses such as web mail and online banking but also paid for services with a paywall such as video on demand, and many more. 
tor browser help to access the deep web but some condition for you become anonymous.and tor help to access the deep web like hidden wikipedia and silky Road. but many web site in deep having a dangerous contents or scripts. 


if anyone access the deep web then must ensure that his IP address or internet address must be anyone can't see our IP address . if IP address not secure that means anyone can see you footprint on internet and hacker attacks our system. 
IP address secure by using the VPN (virtual private network) or IP SPOOFING OR TOR BROWSER.

Notice:  guys this is not illegal but must ensure that you are anonymous then no one trace you

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